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Explanatory Introduction to Iranian Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology Knowledge-based Exposition (IEEI Expo) to be held in Tehran Iran on 3rd to 6th August 2017

General description:

We take pride to officially announce the 1st Participation of exclusively concentrated knowledge-Based Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology enterprises in exhibition slated to be held in Tehran-Iran on 3rd to 6th August 2017, please refer to Web-Site www.ieeiexpo.ir for further details.

This high-tech exclusively integrated exhibition, organized by Iranian Research Centre of Electronic Industry is mainly focused on well- renowned, three-hundred (300) prominent forerunner Knowledge-Based enterprises out of the total one hundred twenty (1500) potential incorporations and is contemplated to demonstrate the overall latest state of art achievements of electrical, electronic and information technology rendered by such, Knowledge-based enterprises in Iran.

Framework of activities:

The main subject of activities of Knowledge-based enterprises in the exhibition is mainly focused on Electrical, Electronic, Communications, IT, Internet of Things (IOT), Medical equipment, Control system, Industrial automation and instrumentation, Robotic system, Intelligence urban system, Intelligence transportation system, Building management system (BMS), Intelligence system in Agriculture, Fishery, horticulture, husbandry, Electrical system in Automobile, and Control and instrumentation systems in Gas, petrol and petrochemical industries.

This exhibition also enjoys the participation of other incorporations such as marketing, investment and export insurance fund incorporations, as complementary servicing companies required to support and advocate the high-tech enterprises.

Distinguishing features of exhibition

Various exhibitions are held annually in Iran, but it is worth mentioning that the majority of the incorporations participating in that exhibition are importing companies acting as an agent of foreign companies in Iran.

 By taking into consideration that Iranian manufacturers’ final Products are mainly categorized as a low and medium degree of technology and only a few percentage of them are genuinely enjoy a high degree of technology.

In this due Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology in Iran, has devised a plan to designate the most well-known and reputable enterprises and to specify such high-tech enterprises by awarding them the honor of high degree knowledge-based enterprises.

In this exhibition only such high degree of technology enterprises are entitled to participate, that is to say amongst such enterprises, three hundred of them have been selected to participate aggressively in this exhibition and eventually to show case their final Products and Services to their interested visitors.

 In contrast to the other exhibitions, the main distinguishing feature of this exhibition is that, such excerpted enterprises are all concentrated in one specialized exhibition which helps a better access to their interested applicants.

Therefore, this particular exhibition demonstrates the overall well known, high- tech enterprises in Islamic Republic of Iran, and provides a golden opportunity for all foreign companies who wish to bolster their business collaboration with Iranian enterprises after successful nuclear accord between Iran and 5+1 countries.

In this due the following opportunities are offered to overseas companies:

  • Foreign companies can procure low price technologies from Iranian manufactures.
  • Given the fact that the cost of employment of Iranian expert is lower, in comparison with foreign countries, this can help to facilitate the establishment of a joint research and development center in Iran for further field of cooperation.
  • Foreign manufactures can outsource Iranian Products with their trade names in other counties.
  • Foreign manufactures are provided with this opportunity to invest in Iranian final Product and Service.

Time and Venue of Exhibition:

This exhibition will be held on permanent expert municipality premises of Tehran on 3rd to 6th August 2017 in Tehran- Iran on the following address:

Tehran Province, Tehran, District 2, Tehran Municipality’s Specialized Exhibition Center, South side of Goftegoo Park, Shaheed Chamran Expressway.

Closing date of registration

Closing date of registration is up to the end of July 28nd of 2017.

Website for registration

The website for registration of foreign companies is at this link: http://ieeiexpo.ir/wp-signup-inst2-en.php

This description file is here.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for every square meter is 260 Euro. It can be remitted through Farsi registration website or through cash.

For registration please send an email to: contact@ieeiexpo.ir

Tel: +98 21 88359616

Fax: +98 21 89783175

Address: Electronic research center, Unit 3, No 3, Next to Tehran university, In front of Shariaty hospital, Jalale ale Ahmad Highway, North Karegar Ave, North Amirabad, Tehran, Iran.

Sponsorship of Exhibition

 Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology, Ministry of Communications and IT, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Ministry of Energy and Municipality of Tehran are the main sponsors of this exhibition.

Book Fair of the Exhibition

Knowledge-based enterprises will introduce their Products and Services in in the book fair of the exhibition, an English version of said data base will be submitted to Ministry of foreign affairs in an attempt to be distributed amongst commercial affairs and diplomatic missions of foreign embassies.

It is worth noting that said book will be circulated amongst distinguished guests and Governmental official ranks during exhibition performance period.

Objectives of Exhibition

The main objectives delineated by the Strategic council of exhibition are as follows:

  • Marketing and promotion of sales of Products and Services rendered by Knowledge-based enterprises.
  • Enhancement of Product and Services’ share of Knowledge-based enterprises versus Gross National Product (GNP) of the entire economy of the country.
  • Active contribution to the development of economy of resistance highlighted by the Supreme leader of the Iranian revolution.
  • Establishment of concentrated synergy in Supply chain management of Services and Products offered by Knowledge-based enterprises.
  • Demonstration of genuine capabilities and competencies of the Knowledge-based enterprises.

Special Services offered to foreign Marketing and Investment Companies

Whereas prior to registration in exhibition, Iranian knowledge–Based companies have provided all information pertinent to their final Products and Services exportable to overseas territories.

Whereas prior to registration in exhibition, Iranian knowledge -Based Companies have expressed their willingness in investment with foreign companies in the following domains:

-Investment in the capital share of the companies.

-Investment in the manufacturing of Products and Services offered by the local companies.

-Participation in acquisition of loans.

-Participation in acquisition of advance payment and good performance bank guarantees.

-Participation in establishment of joint Venture Companies in Iran.

Above information are only provided to those foreign companies which are participated in the exhibition as Marketing or Investment Companies.

The exhibition has dedicated a special section for local and International marketing agents for promotion and soliciting of the Products and Services offered by Iranian Knowledge-based enterprises.

There is also a special section for investment companies in the exhibition as a linchpin for further transaction with Iranian Knowledge-based enterprises. These companies can contribute financial facility funds in the exhibition for granting required loan, working capital and issuance of advance payment and good performance bank guarantees.

Special Services offered to foreign Knowledge-Based Companies

A special section for the International marketing has been dedicated in the exhibition. The main activity of such marketing companies are focused in local and International Territories.

These Iranian Export Trading Companies (ETC) have expressed their willingness to solicit foreign Products and Services in both Iran domain and Islamic regional Countries contingent upon establishment of technology transfer and establishment of a Joint Venture company between Iranian companies and their foreign counterpart company.

High rank Iranian officials and governmental companies also visits these foreign specialized booth.

Special Services offered to Exhibition’s visitors

In an attempt to reap an utmost benefit out of this exhibition, special privileges are contemplated to be offered to visitors’ as follows:

  • Subjective expertise categorization of Knowledge-based enterprises, this objective will facilitate visitors’ access in an earliest time to their required field of interest in the exhibition.
  • Appraisal qualification grade of all Knowledge-based enterprises versus Technical, professional skills and financial wherewithal is specified in exhibition, this will help visitors’ access to their required level of competency in the field of access.
  • Provision of Mobile’s software application pertinent to the Products and Services is offered in the exhibition.
  • Dedication of degree of honor awarded to different Knowledge-based enterprises which is installed in their pertinent booth, this will help visitors’ to better comprehend the enterprises competency versus their level of Technology, turnover, export technical and financial capabilities.
  • Provision of website for all Products and Services of all Knowledge-based enterprises.
  • Provision and publication of the exhibition’s fair book to elaborate the detail activities of all Knowledge-based enterprises.

Media Coverage

  • Provision of coverage of the national television broadcast station in an attempt to encourage the active participation of technical applicants.
  • Dedication of special room to media correspondents for the better coverage of Products and Services rendered by Knowledge-based enterprises.


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